Reinforced Surgeons Gown

Reinforced Surgeons Gown

SMS Surgeons Gown

Personal protective garment worn by health care personnel
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Information about Surgical Gown :
Gowns are designed for one-time use, to avoid transmitting contaminated material. They are easily disposed of to facilitate this purpose. The primary materials hospital gowns are made from are polypropylene (PP), spunbond+meltblown+spunbond (SMS) and reinforced material (PE). Each material has different benefits specific to different uses. PP is especially useful in repelling water, as well as being chemically resistant. SMS is comprised of 3 layers, making this material robust and strong. One of the layers protects against bacteria and functions as a repellant. PE Reinforced material has advantages of both materials, making them appropriate for procedures where multiple facets of protection are required that is not offered by a single type of gown. Polypropylene and spunbond+meltblown+spunbond can be reinforced. They provide additional strength. Usually, the enhanced protection capabilities of PE reinforced gowns are not required for the majority of surgery, so it is ultimately up to personal preferences and requirements of the task. Gown selection should be made based on the specific aspects of the procedure. This includes the anticipated contaminants that one will be exposed to and the area of the body that is being operated on Technical Specifications Sleeves : long raglan, non-deforming arm cuffs (12cm), in jersey Back closing with 2 to 4 tie pairs, including 2 at waist level. Back panel cover with braided side fastenings (orthopaedic type gown), back panel must be wide enough to overlap with the front panel. Belt closing in front or at side.

Protective garment to prevent the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids, and particulate matter

Neck adjustable. Medical Cuffs made from cotton latex free. No irritation and latex free.Impervious. Universal Size.Conviently folded .Very comfortable to wear.Lightweight for maximum. comfort.High barrier performance. Good strength characteristics.Good breathability.Low linting

Usage Information:
Peel of the bag and take out the gown.Double hand into the sleeve, draw back from the chest and fasten it. Dispose as instructed

Safety Information:
Disposable, Sterile, Single use