3 Ply Surgical Mask With Tie-on

3 Ply Surgical Mask With Tie-on

NanoCeil Reusable Anti Bacterial Mask

NanoCeil Reusable Anti Bacterial Mask comes with innovative design for universal fit- soft, elastic earloop, washable and reuseable.

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Information about NanoCeil Reusable Anti Bacterial Mask:

To keep you safe in all your travels including work, school, outings or walks, we have our anti dust, antibacterial, anti pollution mask with a modern design! We have crafted this in India with an intent to protect you from dangerous pathogens, pollutants, dust, smoke etc. ensuring your comfort as a priority.


It is designed with particle filtration System, it prevents from Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Dust and Anti-Pollution.


  • Excessively breathable
  • 30 times washable
  • Reusable
  • Wide face coverage
  • Adjustable elastic ear loop
  • Attractive and comfortable design

Usage Information:

  • Hold ear strings by your hands.
  • Remember to face the insides.
  • Gently pull the strings over your ears.
  • Make sure you cover your nose, mouth & jaw properly.

Safety Information:

  • Wash or sanitize your hands properly before wearing and removing the mask.
  • Store the mask in a dry place and away from sunlight.
  • For individual use only.
  • Dispose safely after 30 washes.
  • Follow guidelines cautiously to keep away from risk.